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As featured in "The Andovers" magazine 2008

Carriage House, Chatham MA.

Initial Consultation

There are normally four steps in our design build process. The first is an initial consultation. There is no charge for this consultation. The purpose of this meeting is to view the property and discuss with the owners their needs and wishes. In broad strokes we give them our initial feelings including feasibility of the project and cursory costs.

As featured in "The Andovers" Magazine 2008

Conceptual Design Study 


Upon a successful initial consultation a proposal will be prepared to complete a conceptual design study for a modest fee. This study will first concentrate on clarifying the clients desires and identifying any limitations encompassed on the property.

The next step in this process would be to formulate a concept from which preliminary estimates can be generated. As each project is different the cost and length of time to prepare this conceptual study will vary. Essex philosophy in this phase allows us to collaborate with our clients and verify the essential chemistry required to enter into the next more costly and lengthy steps of developing a final plan through construction.

Our Specialty

Over the past twenty years Essex has chosen to carve a niche that concentrates on major renovations and additions. It is fairly easy to build from scratch on an open lot... Conceptualizing a successful and seamless Design around an Existing Structured Site requires a more sophisticated skill set. Over the years we have worked on many different projects. Each project has been unique and all have differed in age, architectural style, and complexity. We truly believe this specialized experience allows us to be confident even under the most challenging circumstances and expectations.
In our Design Build approach, all phases of a project, from concept to design and construction are handled within our firm. Owners participate during all phases of their project to provide valuable personal insights that ensure the completed design will meet all their expectations.