Our Goal

Our ultimate objective is for us to meet like minded clients that could use our help. It is extremely important that they wish to achieve a mutual comfort level. These projects can be stressful and a meshing of personalities is crucial.

Our style speaks for itself in the work displayed.

​Our strengths revolve around creative attractive designs that strive for architectural merit. We achieve the best use out of challenging sites. Our well thought out built-ins  make modest spaces seem much larger. These strengths are necessary when transforming decades old buildings. Our desire is to assist in a few projects over the next couple of years.

Essex Associated Contractors

Kitchen, award winning Chatham carriage house

Brookline kitchen as seen in 2009 Boston Globe


There are normally four steps in our design build process. The first is an initial consultation. Generally there is no charge. for this consultation. The purpose of this meeting is to review and discuss with the owners their wishes and needs. 


As featured in "The Andovers" magazine 2008

Our Specialty

Over the past twenty years Essex has chosen to carve a niche that concentrates on major renovations and additions. It is fairly easy to build from scratch on an open lot... Conceptualizing a successful and seamless Design around an Existing Structured Site requires a more sophisticated skill set. Over the years we have worked on many different projects. Each project has been unique and all have differed in age, architectural style, and complexity. We truly believe this specialized experience allows us to be confident even under the most challenging circumstances and expectations.
In our Design Build approach, all phases of a project, from concept to design and construction are handled by Essex. Owners participate during all phases of their project to provide the personal insights that ensure the completed design will meet all their expectations.

We also explain the design build approach. In broad strokes we give them our initial feelings including its feasibility.

Thesecond step is usually a design study. A proposal for this service will be drawn up pending a successful initial consultation. The cost of this study is dependant upon the scope of the anticipated work. The purpose of this study is to draft a conceptual design to be reviewd by the owners. This will be followed by a preliminary budget. Depending upon the scope this may take a couple weeks to a month. 

Pending the success of this study the third step is to finalize the design, engineering, budgeting, construction documents, and permitting. Again timing will be relative to the size of the project.

the final step is the actual construction.